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Do you Qualify?

You may qualify for a clinical research trial if you have symptoms related to one of our upcoming research trials
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Looking for an experienced clinical research facility for your upcoming trial?
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Medical Research Trials To Change The Future in The Power Of

At Comprehensive Clinical Research, LLC, our goal is to provide optimal health care while bringing new products to market through clinical trials.
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Medical Trials That Improve The Medical Industry

Medical Trials That Improve The Medical Industry

We have conducted well over 400 trials since the inception of Comprehensive Clinical Research in 2000. Our research participation helped deliver innumerable pharmaceuticals and devices to everyday life.

Discover If You Qualify For A Clinical Trial

Discover If You Qualify For A Clinical Trial

Find out if we have a clinical trial for you. Give us a call today to speak to a research staff member and find out which program you would qualify for.

High-Quality Physicians and Staff

High-Quality Physicians and Staff

We have board-certified physicians that will provide you exceptional care with an overwhelmingly strong desire to help.

Over 20 Years Of Dedicated Clinical Research

Comprehensive Clinical Research is one of the most technologically advanced and accomplished clinical research sites in the United States. Comprehensive Clinical Research is a preferred research facility for the largest pharmaceutical companies globally. Our goals are quality data reporting coupled with patient compliance and safety. Our enrollment and retention of subjects far exceed expectations.

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Comprehensive Clinical Research West Palm Beach, FL

Please volunteer today and call (561) 478-3177


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Comprehensive Clinical Research has conducted research studies since 2000

Our experienced investigators and staff will guide you through the process of becoming involved with clinical research. We are seeking patients now for our current and upcoming studies. We provide a safe and comfortable environment for all patients. You will receive the top medical care and supervision in the industry.

We are always seeking healthy volunteers

Clinical trial volunteers have a critical role in helping to advance the understanding of many diseases, their complications, and treatments. Thus providing greater excellence in the care of others with similar conditions.

*If you qualify, you will be compensated for your time and travel

Connect With Our Staff at Comprehensive Clinical Research
If you are interested in improving the health of many, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Please submit your information on the form to the right and we will reach out to you promptly.

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