Creating a Research Center

Turning private practices into research centers for 20 years.
Many doctors would like to start a research center but how do you do it? We will help through the entire process.
For two decades, the transformation of private practices into research centers has been our expertise. If you are a doctor who desires to establish a research center, we can guide you throughout the entire process. Our comprehensive site creation process will equip you for success, which includes defining roles and assigning them, providing GCP training and certification, setting up the facility, training staff, getting you studies, recruiting subjects, documenting the site, and ensuring regulatory compliance. 
To ensure your success, we offer a comprehensive site creation process that involves defining roles and assigning them, providing GCP training and certification, setting up the facility, documenting the site, and ensuring regulatory compliance. We prepare you for success through our comprehensive site creation process below:
  • Roles Definitions and Assignment

  • GCP Training and Certification

  • Facility Set-up ​

  • Site Documentation ​

  • Regulatory Compliance



Our program for staff training and assessment is tailored to deliver prompt outcomes. Our team of trainers comprises seasoned professionals with extensive research backgrounds and a strong commitment to imparting knowledge.

The program covers various aspects of drug development, including SOP and protocol training, source creation and maintenance, and other relevant modules. Additionally, we offer operational training to ensure that staff members are equipped with the necessary skills to carry out their roles effectively.

To assess the competency of site staff, we conduct a comprehensive assessment test. Our training and assessment program is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of staff members, ultimately leading to improved performance and productivity.  These are the steps we take: 

  • Understanding the Drug Development Process​

  • SOP Training

  • Protocol Training

  • Source Creation and Maintenance

  • Additional Applicable Training Modules

  • Operational Training​

  • Site Staff Assessment Test

This stage holds utmost importance in commencing your clinical research journey. We evaluate your preparedness and expertise by presenting real-life challenges and conducting simulations. These are the steps we take:
  • Evaluation of Site
  • Assessing the Preparedness of the Site for Conducting the Initial Clinical Trial
  • Staff Role Training Simulator for Site Qualification Visit
  • Simulator for Site Initiation Visit
  • Question and Answer Session

To achieve success in clinical research, it is crucial to have a robust business development strategy. After the initiation of your site, the key components required to generate revenue are Clinical Trials and Participants. We will assist you through this entire process. Our network can assist you in building a reliable clinical trial pipeline and a robust recruitment process, which are essential for the growth of your business.



As a member of our network, you will have the opportunity to participate in select clinical trials that are currently underway at our sister sites. By bringing these trials to your location, we can offer you valuable resources and guidance based on our past successes. This means you won't have to navigate the process alone.


We strategize, oversee, and initiate recruitment campaigns to enhance patient enrollment at your facility. We collaborate with esteemed associates who utilize cutting-edge targeting techniques, social media platforms, and artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure the success of these campaigns. The greatest advantage? You incur no expenses!


We provide a network solution that prioritizes freedom and adaptability. Unlike competing options, we do not impose restrictions on your business growth.  We do not tie you down/ You have the liberty to expand your operations according to your own vision. However, it is important to note that we are constantly available to ensure a consistent and reliable stream of revenue. Rest assured, our commitment to delivering a solid and stable flow of profit remains unwavering.


The never-ending support from our team includes: 

    • Start-up

    • Budget and contract negotiations

    • Regulatory documents completion

    • IRB application and submission

    • Patient sources

    • Study initiation

    • Protocol training

    • Preparation for the qualification and initiation visits

    • Support during the qualification and initiation visits


    • Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

    • Scheduling solution

    • Patient compensation solution

    • Patient sources creation and management

    • Quality assurance review

    • Local and remote site support

    • Remote EDC review

    • Query resolution support


    • Making sure you are paid on time

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